Lily Silvestre started from the partnership of two friends who noticed a lack in the jewelry market: beautiful pieces at an affordable price! And obviously without compromising the quality or style...


Fran and Julia both graduated in the fashion business and so far had only worked with clothing. However, they were always intrigued and obsessed by the accessories that enhanced any look. It was that special touch that transformed and made it unique!


That's when they realized how hard it was to find beautiful, exclusive pieces at an affordable price! After all, they were financially independent and bought their own things! (But like most young girls at the beginning of their careers, they couldn't invest so much in all the jewelry pieces they wanted...)


Nowadays Lily is being led by Julia who is creating all pieces with a lot of love, dedication, and caring!

I found out that designing jewelry is part of my soul. It brings me so much joy! I love what I do!

And for that reason, all pieces are so special!


We have exclusive pieces with a small production (10 to 20 units of each design). Except for our collectible items. These you can buy for yourself or as a gift to dear ones anytime you would like!