Exclusive jewelry. The perfect gift for someone, or even yourself!

Be unique. Lily Silvestre creates jewelry exclusively for you!

Lily Silvestre's great differential is knowing and understanding that each person is unique!

You can ask for the creation of a new piece that highlights your style and personality, or just the customization of a piece from our collection with a combination of metal, plating, and different gemstones.

We work with natural stones, metals, and alloys from registered and certified suppliers, for the production of jewelry with exceptional quality, in addition to using one of the highest percentages of purity of metals in our jewelry. Only 950 sterling silver and 18k gold.

We develop exclusive jewelry, created at people’s request as a gift to someone special, or as a personal treat.

We also reuse won or inherited jewelry that doesn't match the person's style, or is damaged, or has lost its meaning over time, and is stored in the back of the drawer.

It works like a real transformation, where we change the model, and create a new piece of jewelry using both the metal and the gemstones from the old piece, in addition to re-energizing and re-signifying this piece of jewelry, so that it becomes a special item of sentimental value, and essential for your day by day.


We also have the jewels from our collections, created with great care, creativity, and good taste. These are also energized, so that they can be used on the most diverse occasions, and that they bring well-being, beauty, and good vibes to your life!

Please contact us via email at [email protected] and ask for a quotation!