Be Unique! Lily Silvestre creates exclusive jewellery just for you!


To Know and understand that each person is different is what makes Lily Silvestre stand out!


You can ask for a whole new design that highlights your personality and style, or just a customization of an exhisting piece with a personal touch such as a specific natural gemstone (birthstone or a particularly special one).


We work with the best suppliers in the market! Natural gemstones, metals and alloy are essential for an exceptional fine piece of jewellery.

Besides we produce our products with a high purity material - 950 sterling silver and 18 karat gold.


Talking about exclusivity we shall not forget the brides to be! For such a special day in the life of a woman, there's nothing better than also having a single jewellery specially made for you to say the so expected "I do"!


There are no excuses to make every ocasion singularly special with Lily Silvestre!


Get in touch with our team via e-mail or Instagram lily_silvestre and request a quotation!